Friday, 9 December 2016

Go ahead - Perfect mum snacks for on the GO !

Being a mum is hard work I'm not going to lie it really is! when you first have your baby you look after yourself ( even more so if breast feeding ) I remember when i was breast feeding i was always eating ( To help with milk supply ill have you know ! ) But once your baby becomes a toddler you will find more often then not you are either sharing your food or forgetting to feed yourself all together, I always make sure i take snacks out for nearly five year old Bodhi but i never take anything for myself. until now that it ! When Go-Ahead got in touch wanting the snack range reviewing i knew it would be a perfect mum snack or mum breakfast on the go.

The range has something to suit all tastes and each smart snack also comes in a choice of flavours, From snacks i have tried before such as the yogurt breaks ( crispy biscuits with fruit fillings each slice coated in a layer of yogurt topping ) these come in strawberry,forest fruits,raspberry,cherry & also tropical the RRP is £1.99 for a pack of 5 ( each pack has 2 slices ) so if you do end up sharing it isn't so bad! these are great for taking out on the go or leaving a few packets in your desk as work for a little 11am pick me up.

Next we have the crispy slices, these are a lot like the yogurt breaks just without the yogurt! these are bigger pack sizes tho with x3 slices per pack and 5 packs in each box and a RRP of only £1.65 ! they also come in a huge range of flavours with apple, forest fruit, raspberry , orange , cherry , blueberry and also strawberry ! I've been enjoying these with a cup of tea after the morning school run.

fruity bakes are a golden baked bar with more fruit filling inside these are more cake like then biscuits i have even warmed them up and enjoyed with ice-cream for a after dinner treat the apple ones warmed up taste just like apple pie ( Lush ) they also come in strawberry for me these are a little too sweet ( the filling is a little like jam ? ) but Bodhi loves then, and have had them in his packed lunches. RRP £1.99 for x6 bars

Lastly we have the new cookie bites these are amazing and i am hooked, little bags of mini sized cookies in either white chocolate & raspberry or chocolate & orange the RRP is £1.99 for x6 bags these are perfect on the go snacks we took some with us to our local zoo last weekend and the whole family enjoyed them. Bodhi loves the chocolate & orange and always bugs me for them if i ask if he would like a snack! kids!!

So thank you Go-Ahead! my morning eating habits are much better now and we have found a range of snacks that as a family we all enjoy. 

( Items have been sent to be used for review , ALL words/views are that of my own )