Thursday, 2 February 2017

baker ross - simple craft idea for counting - After school activities

With Bodhi starting school in September i am keen to help him on his learning path, He isn't overly keen on learning and keeps telling me that school is boring and that he doesn't want to go to school so i am trying my best to help him in anyways i can. I set up this simple after school activity for him to help with his numbers & counting. So thing i felt would be simple and he wouldn't see it as learning. 

We used the woodland friends foam stickers for our activity 1st thing i asked Bodhi to do was to sort out the stickers into same groups and to then count out how many of each he had biggest to smallest. This could be done with a range of the stickers from bakers ross the pack we used can in a pack of 100 for £2.99 

Next i showed Bodhi the page with the numbers on and asked to him add the right number of stickers to the numbers, He did this with no problems and taking off the backing sheets was also a great for fine motor skills.

Once finished, Bodhi counted out all of the stickers from the page, We also enjoyed the leaf sand art kits also from Baker ross ( £3.49 ) for a pack of 5 i didn't get a chance to take any photos of this project tho as this was a little bit messy !!! But the out come was lovely and we both enjoyed sitting at the table together and crafting, much better then watching the TV or having iPad time after school if you ask me!

I am a member of the Baker Ross Blogger Network and received this product to review