Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What I love and really LOVE about my husband

Now I really do love my husband ( wouldn't have said yes to marring him if I didn't ) but sometimes he really drives me up the wall with things I "love" about him so I thought with today being valentines days I would list them down !

Things I "Love" 

His late night love affair with his phone and candy crush ! I would also like to add the brightness of his phone screen is like that of the sun so all I see while trying to sleep is flashing lights ! 

How his socks end up next to the dirty washing basket ....everything else makes it in just the socks don't ??? 

Same for the dishwasher we havnt had it long so maybe he is getting used to it still? But by putting your plate next to it and saying your helping me really isn't love ! 

When said what he would like for dinner the reply " whatever/ I don't mind / you pick " isn't at all helpful  just suggest something I will of course say no and cook what I want to eat but yeah.

After working a late shift coming home to find he has eaten the last of the cheesecake ( other food item ) that I have been thinking about for my whole shift.

Now things that I really do LOVE about my husband 

He puts me and Bodhi first he will do overtime and get up at silly o'clock and never wakes me up when he leaves

He always stays up until I am home from work in the evenings to make sure I get home safe

He calls me every lunch time for a little chat and asks about my day

He will give foot / back rubs when asked and does a pretty good job 

He lets me rest when I'm poorly and doesn't moan ( too much ) about the state of the house on my off days.

So why don't I tell him more often about the things that I do love about him and maybe moan a little bit less about that things that piss me off ? Well .... Because I'm a female ..... But Chris ( I doubt your reading this ) but I really do love you ! Just please put your stinky socks in the washing basket !!!!