Saturday, 25 February 2017

my fairy garden - new website & product review

When i was a little girl i spent all of my summer holidays out playing in my garden or down the park with my older sister and friends, When i first saw products from my fairy garden ( made by interplay )  i wished they had something like this when i was the right age, so when given the opportunity to review a my fairy garden i jumped at the chance.

The website is amazing in its own right, with games, meet the fairies , a garden diary and then a page full of the items you can buy. Bodhi and i both took the which fairy are you quiz ( link to the fairy quiz ) Turns out I'm Heather and Bodhi is Blossom the site is full of fun games and make and do ideas. 

                                                                         I‘m Heather

‘Hi, Heather here… My home is really important to me as it is also home to wildlife. There is nothing I like better than going for walks in nature which usually ends up being great fun. My friends and I pick up litter which we wash and turn into treasure for our garden. I also love baking cakes for my friends on their birthdays. Autumn is a busy time of year for my family as we have lots to do to get ready for winter.’
I‘m Blossom
‘Hello, my name is Blossom. I have a spring birthday so this is my
favourite time of year. I love to sing and dance amongst the flowers.
I’m good at painting and making things for my garden. I like spring
because flowers start to grow and birds sing and lay eggs.’
We was kindly sent the grow & play fairy garden. You get a whole range of items to make your own garden perfect for indoors or outside play. The pack of grass seed is a lovely touch. We have gifted our garden to Bodhi's cousin who has just turned 8 and loves all things pink/fairies and anything girly. 

you can buy online for £14.99 this kit is the best seller, They also have many add on items such as packs of more fairies ( this one comes with Belle ) I am very much looking forward to helping out with the making of this set with Bodhi's cousin, Last summer Bodhi and i did a DIY Dinosaur garden i did hope he would want to play with this set himself but I'm sad to say my little boy is turned off by the "girly-ness" ( his words ) maybe a little boy elf is needed to join the group?