Saturday, 8 July 2017

#SoMuchMore ( combination Microwave Oven ) Panasonic NN-CS89

Last year we ripped out our whole kitchen ( when i say the whole kitchen i mean all of it ! I had nothing for over 4 months ) I felt like crying come dinner time with the lack of kitchen to make any kind of meal for my family. We had a kettle and basic microwave set up in our hallway but i have to admit we did get more then a few takeaways and lots of visits to family and friends for dinners with them. A basic microwave is pretty much for heating beans and ready meals, I wish we had thought of getting a Combination microwave oven while we did our kitchen, They are pretty much a mini oven that will take up next to no space and no need to be wired in so perfect for moving around when doing DIY work.

These combination ovens would also be a great idea for someone living in a small space studio flat or house sharing. I am very happy to say that we now have a fully working kitchen and i have a lovely range cooker to use. We are looking to upgrade our microwave and will be definitely looking more into the idea of getting a combination one to give even more cooking space.

The video below showcases a Michelin-starred chef cook a three course meal  using a Combination Microwave Oven ( Panasonic NN-CS89 ) As you will see in the short youtube video  40 guests was invited to London Tower Bridge for a 3 course meal cooked by Michelin-starred chef Tom Kitchin. Little did they know, their three course meal would be created solely using the Panasonic NN-CS894 Combination Microwave Oven. Tom served up fresh scallops cooked in their shell, crispy roast pork belly, and ginger sponge! You can find all of these delicious recipes and more at

This blog post was written in partnership with #SoMuchMore video campaign for a household electronics brand. All views ideas are that of my own.