Thursday, 27 July 2017

Child sick day - how to look after your poorly child at home ( 1st time around )

When you are pregnant you can find so much information, from bump to birth and then on to toddler age you can find countless books, guides and helpful information. I have found that once your child gets to nursery age this help and information drys up! As a 1st time mum to a now 5 1/2 year old who is in full time school, i thought i would share my views/tips on all the things you will face 1st time !

Touch wood Bodhi hasn't really even been that poorly, He has had a few coughs and colds and a sickness bug once but now that he is at school he is picking up germs and seems run down, Last week he broke up from school and all was great until he was telling me it hurt to swallow and his neck hurt. He had a temp and wasn't himself at all. After a horrid night of him puking all over himself the bed and daddy! i took him to see the nurse. She told me that he has viral tonsillitis and his whole body was fighting the infection was he was pretty run down. She said lots of rest and fluids ( she did give me a prescription for antibiotic but said this might upset his tummy and make him more sick sick )

I kind of feel at a loss with how to handle him as he is too poorly to play and craft but he isn't wanting to sleep and rest, we are now on day two of "rest" and this is how I've been doing it.

1 - let them call the shots, if they want to go back to bed at 11am let them!

2 - same with food bodhi hasn't really eaten much from after being sick, little bit of toast and some soup was about all he wanted yesterday. As long as they are getting fluids don't sweat it too much remember how you've felt in the past when your poorly.

3 - the iPad/tv is your friend! so what if they watch 4 dvds one after the other!?!?

4 - If they car full of cold or stuffed up , try to get them to take a day time bath with the windows and door shut the steam will help , plus the warm bath will help with any pains or soreness ( plus they will stink )

5 - on the 1st night i put body to bed in his room as normal, but last night he slept in with me. now we only have a double bed so this wasn't ideal. so at 1:30 am i put him back in his bed as i hadn't got any sleep by this point, but i left both his and our doors open and the landing light on just in case.

6 - if you can rap a day time nap if they do , or once your partner comes home or if your single parent try and get help even if its 1/2 an hour to have a shower you'll feel x100 better for it.

7 - give them medicine ( ALWAYS read the label tho ) also hot water bottles can help if your child is in pain , Bodhi keeps saying his back hurts.

8 - try to remember it won't last forever !

is never nice seeing your child in pain or unwell and if your in any doubt about them take them to the doctors , phone 111 , get some advice. I now have a huge to do list for the rest of today as yesterday was spent cuddling the poorly one. I am also in search for something to keep my eye open with ( man i wish i drank coffee )