Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Randomise Game Review

from the moment Randomise dropped onto my door Matt i have been itching to play it, the perfect time time over the Easter weekend with my inlaws! we teamed up boy V girls rules are very easy to follow even four year old Bodhi understood the basics of the game, we grabbed paper and pens ( not needed if you are going to play act & describe ) this is a perfect travel game for car/train/plane etc the size of the game is also very compact so can be popped into a bag for ease

the 1st few rounds we all stuck to describing just to get a feel for just how odd some of the outcomes could be " bubbly ant having a sword fight " between the laughing and the miss guesses the points soon started adding up and i felt brave so i gave draw a try. 

I was very disappointed that no one guessed i had drawn a thin moose looking in the mirror!! the mother in law went down a father Christmas route and even with the arrows she just wasn't getting it ! next four year old Bodhi took his turn and he wanted to draw for Daddy and Grandad.

With 45 seconds to spare they guessed that Bodhi was drawing a tall sheep having a bath! he was so pleased, we all really enjoyed playing this game i am looking forward to playing it again with different groups of friends and family, The Randomise Game is £9.99 from  amazon I think this is a fair price as it has endless play and hours of enjoyment to be had. They are very active one social media and a real fun bunch of people! why not pick up a desk of randomise cards for yourself and see if you can do any better then my moose!