Tuesday, 7 June 2016

kiddylicious New Crunchy range

When Kiddylicious asked if Bodhi would like to try out the new crunchy range i knew he definitely would, we was both very pleased when a box arrived filled with goodies not only the new crunchy grapes and crunchy peas & sweetcorn but also bags of fruit wriggles and smoothie melts for him to try.

Bodhi has had the fruit wriggles in the past and always enjoyed them , they are a low sugar snack/treat isn't something i would let Bodhi have everyday but they are great for keeping in your handbag/change bag for an out and about snack , they are also pretty much messy free so perfect for travel snacks. We took some on holiday with us last summer.

Bodhi was very keen to try the smoothie melts as he loves smoothie drinks, these little flat shapes melt on your tongue and they are very tasty ( yes i did try them! ) again perfect size bag for a little on the go snack.

Lastly Bodhi tried the new crunchy range, wasn't a hit for him, They are very crunchy and taste like the fruit and veg but i just don't think Bodhi liked the texture. Always good to try new things tho and i am sure others will really enjoy them.

I have stocked up on the smoothie melts as Bodhi will often ask for them when offered a snack, They range from 50/60p per bag but are often on muilt deals in super markets

Thank you to Kiddylicious for sending us these snacks to try 2/3 thumbs up from Bodhi

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