Thursday, 7 July 2016

froggy match it ( review & give away )

Froggy Match-it is a fun, educational game for children who have just started to read.  Typically, it is aimed at 5 to 6 year- olds who have learnt a lot of the sounds that single letters make and are starting to work out how to read short words. Body loves phonics and is always reading and learning, Its refreshing to have a game for him to play on the iPad that isn't just mindless and pointless.
As you can see from my video he is starting to spell the words out and sound out the letters, If left alone he does like a cheat a little but he does enjoy the game and i don't have any 'mum guilt' by letting him play it. 
the website is full of information and have free resources that you can download and print out to use as you like. the game as three different levels of play , the first is the one you've seen Bodhi playing were the child has to over lay the word over the matching image the first few rounds keeps it simple by only have one of each letter per picture but as the child progresses the words get harder Bodhi really enjoys this tho as he gets bored of simple games. The second game is using the key pad to type the word out this is something Bodhi likes to do on the iPad anyways and in this day and age typing is a core life skill no ? and the third game is dragging the letters into place to spell out the word.

froggy match is a fun learning game and the great thing about having it as the full version for £3.99 is that no pop ups this is one thing that really really bugs me on some games that Bodhi plays on my iPad he is a smart cookie and can now get into the app store and if he knew my password I'm sure id have a huge iTunes bill !

Bodhi's play enjoyment will only grow as he learns more, i personally feel that this game is really helping with his Phonics and spelling its a joy to see his mind working and to hear him learning. 

file:///Users/GueThe first level of Froggy Match-it is also available as a separate app, free of charge.  

Froggy Match-it is £3.99 in the UK for the download. This and the FREE version are available from the App Store and Google Play now.
I have a code for one of your lovely lot to get the full game of froggy match it for free! enter below and good luck. 

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