Monday, 22 August 2016

kao kao club petz Review

We love all things cute, cuddly and animals so when we had the chance to review another animal from the club petz range how could i say no? This time we was sent out our very own baby koala bear named Kao-Kao. As you can see from my youtube Bodhi was over the moon with his new 'pet' and couldn't wait to look after her and to take care of her. 

She is a interactive bear has a built-in sensor and makes a noise when you enter the room. You can feed her  a eucalyptus branch and she’ll smell them and then and them have a nibble.  She loves her bottle, she can get the hiccups A few pats on the back will make her burp! Bodhi loves this Give her a cuddle and stroke her head or back this  will make her fall asleep.
• Sensor technology so he makes a noise when you enter the room
• Interacts and makes noises with food and bottle
• Able to get hiccups and burp
• Falls asleep from stroking head/Back 

You can buy Kao-Kao from most online toy stores or amazon and the RRP is £49.99 this may seem like a high price, But the toy its self is huge ( as you can see in the photos ) and will give your child hours of play and fun. If Bodhi had asked for this toy it would have been saved for a main Christmas gift or birthday. You will need x4 AA batteries for play and you can turn Kao-Kao off when not being used. Bodhi loves her as i knew he would and she is very well looked after. This is a great toy for families that can't keep pets due to what ever reasons and it also really promotes image/ Role play ideas. Bodhi loves to play koala family and uses Kao-Kao as is baby sister ( Yes i am mummy koala ) 

Thank you once again to IMC toys for sending us this product to review and keep.