Sunday, 21 August 2016

Review #Serenz - allergy relief

I love the summer, the longer days , Lighter nights , Good (ish) weather and up until 2012 i also loved the range of summer flowers, This was all until the summer of 2012 after having Bodhi in the January many people told me that my body would change after having a child but the one thing i never excpected was hay fever! I get it so bad my eyes are itchy my nose streams and its just horrid ! I am one of those people who really dis-like taking tablets and i often find that over the counter hay fever tablets make me so spaced and drowsy its unreal. When i was asked to review Serenz allergy relief i knew it was something for me.

serenz allergry relief comes in a nasal spray to help relieve the nasal allergy symptoms such as itching, sneezing, congestion and runny noses by using carbon dioxide to cleanse the nasal passage.

Once i opened the box i have to say i was pretty shocked by the sizes of the dispenser its around palm size and will provide 40 10 second cleanses, this equal to 20 cleanses for each nostril. 

I am a little bit of a baby when it comes to doing nasal sprays or eye drops and i often have to get hubby to do them for me, But i was a big brave girl in using the serene, 

you 1st have to activate the dispenser by using the blue key in the bottom and turning it, this only needs to be done once and its advised that you activate just before your 1st use as once activated its recommended to use the dispenser within 30 days. 

Its made clear in the how to use guide that you shouldn't inhale or breather through your nose while using serenz,  As this is not an inhaled product, to also stand upright and to not pinch or obstruct the other nostril. 

Only use when required ( this can be up to 6 times a day ) To provide rapid relief , I was happy to learn it is a non-drowsy product and should start working within minutes of use. My eyes and nose did ting a little when i 1st used serenz , but looking back on the leaflet this is a normal experience and it only lasted a matter of seconds 

I used Serenz for my 1st time before we went to a trip to our local park, and i am happy to say i had little to no symptoms while we was out and we even walked passed a garden having the grass cut , This would normally have my eyes puffed up like a goldfish and my nose streaming. I really felt like to kept my hay fever symptoms at bay. 

You can buy Serenz allergy dispenser online with the homepage for £17.90 the RRP is £19.90

( I was sent the Serenz allergy relief dispenser for the purpose of this review and have been compensated for my time , All opinions are 100% my own )