Friday, 12 August 2016

Mum Rant & Mumguilt

** This blog post is a mum rant **

So..... today is Friday , its been a long long week ! My 1st week back at work after 2 weeks off on holiday , trying to sort out house stuff ( planning building work ) and also we are in the middle of the summer holidays and every morning Bodhi is asking if he is going to school today.

Flash forward to 11 am , I have spent the morning doing emails, editing and blog stuff in-between playing trains and other games with Bodhi. Once my work is done ( well not done but Im starting to get a headache and mum guilt is creeping in ) So off we go for a trip to our local town for some time at the park then to pick up some new books from the library.

All is going well , The park is full of children of Bodhi's age so he is off having fun playing, I let him have 1/2 an hour play time then off to the library we go, Once we get inside we find they have an arts and craft table out so we sit down and have some craft time, Another 1/2 an hour passes and he pick out 2 new books to take home.

Walking back to the car that is parked in morrisons i tell Bodhi that i just need to pop in for a few bits and he could pick a treat for us to have with our lunch. All is well he picked out a pack off muffins and i picked up what else i needed. Now Bodhis is having a sleepover at my parents this weekend as we are away at a wedding , So i suggested he could pick a bag of sweets to take to share at the sleepover. He picked a bag a sweets and everything was fine UNTILL ! I wanted to look at the smaller bags of sweets and i told Bodhi i would just be a moment , He said this was fine. Then he started grabbing all of the small packets and putting them into the basket. I told him to put them back as i was just looking , He didn't in fact he put more in the basket. I used my best grown up mum voice ( few other people looking at me ) that if he didn't listen to me and put them back i would and i was also put back his bag of sweets for the sleepover.

can you guess what happened?

He didn't listen ! so i put all of the sweets back and said it was time to go to the tills ( still had the muffins tho ) Bodhi has a full on toddler hissy fit ! Screaming, crying , stamping this feet the works. he is now grabbing at the sweets like a mad man so i pretty much carry him to the tills and i can feel everyone eyes on me and my screaming son.

Once at the till he is still screaming and trying to pull away from me to go back for sweets, I explain why i put them back and that he isn't going to be having any. He still is crying and shouting at me for sweets. I can feel everyone is pretty much looking at my right now. So i stand my ground and tell him no. Once i have put the few items on the belt he is still on one. I tell him he needs to calm down or i will also put back the muffins. i let go of his hand so i can get my shopping bag out of my bag. He runs off, I grab him before he can get far and i tell the check out lady that i no longer want my muffins.

Oh dear god , Bodhi starts up again full on screaming about the muffins begging the worker for them, and she looks at me and says " why don't you just let him have them love " why? WHY??? ill tell you why because he will never ever learn and I am not going to let him bully me into it.

I buy my items and go to leave, she them says to Bodhi ( Who is still sobbing ) " poor little thing " poor him ?? poor me more like everyone looking at me like I'm worlds worst mother , Like i haven't just spent over an hour with him playing and doing fun things for him, Im the bad guy as I'm not giving in to his screams. i think not lady !!

The 10 minute drive home Bodhi is screaming at me things like " i hate you " " worlds worse mum " " never speak to me again " So i turned up my radio and zoned him out.

Once home i told him to go and have a lay down and to come back down when he was Bodhi again and less like a goblin. 15 minutes of sobbing and him talking to his cuddly toys he comes down and asks me

" Are we still friends mummy? "

and yes we are still friends , And i hope next time he will listen just a tiny bit more to me. To all the parents who feel like they are the bad guy for saying no... your not ! what good would it have done me or him if i'd let him come home with a bag of sweets??

Pointless blog post. But i feel better now.

Rant over.