Monday, 5 September 2016

1st day of school ( 1st time around )

When you are pregnant you can find so much information, from bump to birth and then on to toddler age you can find countless books, guides and helpful information. I have found that once your child gets to nursery age this help and information drys up! As a 1st time mum to a now 4 1/2 year old who will be starting full time school in September i thought i would share my views/tips on all the things you will face 1st time !

My starting school tips

* If you think you'll cry , try your hardest to hold it in until your child is in the class room
* Keep drop offs short and sweet a kiss and a wave is great
* make plans for the 1st day, Go shopping , get your nails done. Just do something !
* Don't ask 100 questions at pick up
* count to 10 lots School is hard work and your child will be worn out

So today is Bodhi's 1st day of real school ( I am typing this while he is at school eek ! ) Now i am really lucky that Bodhi is such an out going child and has loved going to nursery for the last 18 months so i knew he would be more then ready for school ( As am i )

We got up at 7:30 had a little cuddle in my bed then i let him have a little bit of iPad time so i could grab a shower and get dressed, Then while he ate breakfast i remembered to label this school stuff ( Whoops ) He got dressed and asked me to do his hair ! so we did this and i even gave him a tiny spray of daddy's lynxs.

He looks so grown up and ready in his school uniform , I am one proud mum. We waited for our friends up the road to knock and we all walked to school together. Once at school he gave me a kiss and ran off inside with his friends , A few of the children didn't want to go in but Bodhi told me later that they all had a lovely morning ( At his school they do 9-12 for the 1st 2 weeks, then stay till 1 for lunch for a week and THEN are full time ! ) why ?? i'm not really sure? I feel its pussy footing about a little bit. I mean you wouldn't start a new job and only do a few hours for the 1st week? Just get on with it???

Anyways , I was very happy to be joining in with the social media back to school spam this morning seeing all the happy little faces, new uniform, book bags and bright eyes. I was even more pleased when i saw my friends photo post of her teacher husband 1st day of school photo, Makes you think its not just the Children with the new lunch boxes and hopes & ideas!

When Bodhi started nursery i took a photo by the front door and asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, We have gone from Teachers - Zoo keeper and now he wants to be a Pilot ! I just want for my son to be happy and to enjoy what ever job he ends up with.

My little boy is growing up fast and i can't wait to get stuck into school life ( I am even thinking of trying to join the PTA )