Saturday, 3 September 2016

mavel mashers my perfect toy !

As a blogger mum the summer holidays have really hit me hard !!! trying to find time to sit down and write/edit/upload it really hasn't happened much over the last 6 weeks. I normally do my blogging work while Bodhi is at nursery and to be fair i get a lot done in my 3 hours a day, But i have a toy that will always give me an hours peace !

These toys are marvel mashers !! I bloody love them ( as does Bodhi ) they are made by Hasbro and pretty much are 6 inch action figures that come in the marvel super hero range. you can buy them in all toy shops on line and in supermarkets, I often pick them up when they are on offer and can pick them up for around £7/9 think the RRP is around £11, you can take off the limbs / heads / etc and change them over with other mashers.

You can also get star wars and Jurassic world range these also mash up with the marvel range. They are aimed at ages 3+ and for 4 1/2 year old Bodhi they are perfect, He will take everything apart ( and i mean everything ) then mash them all together and then they have to battle.

He will sit and play with this toy in his room and i won't hear a peep out of him for at least 45 minutes , So thank you Hasbro ! not only can i shower on school days i can send emails and do work in the holidays !!

what is your child's favourite toy ?