Wednesday, 9 November 2016

7 Ways You Can Get Free Baby Stuff

7 Ways You Can Get Free Baby Stuff 

Whether you’re on your first baby or your tenth, free baby stuff can be a lifesaver.

If you’re on a tight budget or like to try new products, this free baby stuff is waiting for you. All you have to do is request them. Go through the following links and click each offer and make a request.

Below you’ll find 15 ways to get free baby stuff, like formula, clothes, nappies, gear, baby shower items and much more.

Tips: If you’re not having a baby, please pass this information to any relatives or friends who could use free baby stuff. You can also request the free baby stuff, and donate the items to a local women’s shelter.

1. Free Nappies 

If you want free baby stuff, free nappies can be easier to get than you believe.

You can sign up for the mailing lists for diaper companies, joining a diaper reward program, and request free nappy samples. These are just a few ways to get free nappies.

2. Free Baby Formula 

Companies like SMA pro milk and stores like Costco offer free samples of baby formula. Sometimes you can even get full-sized containers.

The main benefit of samples is that you save some money and get to test out new baby formulas to see which formula your baby likes better.

3. Free Samples of Baby Stuff 

Whether you’re looking for free samples of formula, wipes, medicine, or anything else, you’ll find them on this list of places that offer free baby samples

4. Check Freecycle to Find Free Baby Stuff 

Freecycle allows people to post stuff they don’t want. These people don’t want the hassle of selling the items. They just want to get rid of the stuff.

One person’s trash can be your treasure. If you go on Freecycle, you may be able to find tons of free baby stuff. All you have to do is go looking for it.

5. Check with Your Family and Friends for Free Baby Stuff 

Free baby stuff may be closer than you think. There are lots of people who like to hang on to their baby’s old stuff. These people are just waiting to give their baby stuff to someone who needs it.

Check with your family and friends to see if they have anything you need. You can also ask if they know someone who has free baby stuff. You may be able to score free cribs, strollers, and baby clothes.

6. Have a Baby Shower 

A baby shower is a wonderful way to get lots of free baby stuff. All you have to do is convince a friend or family member to throw a baby shower. Make sure they send invitations to everyone you know. You’ll get to celebrate this happy moment with them and you’ll get lots of free baby stuff.

7. Free Childcare 

Every child, aged three and four, are eligible for 15 hours per week of free nursery education. They can receive this benefit for 38 weeks, each year. Sometimes, two-year-old children may be eligible for this program. Check the free child care guide for more information.

You can also save up to £900 per parent, each year, on nursery costs. These childcare vouchers are available for employed parents. Our guide offers details on childcare vouchers. Child benefits, child tax credits, and childcare tax credits can help make childcare more affordable, if not free.