Friday, 11 November 2016

build a bear workshop Stuffing Station * REVIEW * Spinmaster

Build a Bear opened its 1st store back in 1997 ! Now over 400 stores worldwide , I remember my 1st trip into a build a bear store was with husband when we was pregnant back in 2011 and we had a classic bear made for baby bump and now Bodhi sleeps with his Ted every night,

The idea behind the build a bear work shop is that you can make you own smaller scale soft toys are home! the stuffing station is based on the huge stations they have within the stores, With in the stuffing station you get all you need for making x2 soft toy friends.

The bears also come with clothes , love hears and bags of stuffing. it is a very simple project to make , simply place the bear skin over the nozzle ( the skins comes with zips so no sewing or needles are needed ) once the bears are in place you add your stuffing and turn the handle. 

We did have a slight problem when Bodhi got a little bit over keen on turning the handle and his bear popped off from the station , stuffing overload!! He found this funny tho and we just started again.

The bears also come with the plastic hearts that you can add a little note to place inside of your toy ( just like in the real stores) I feel that this kit would be perfect for a child who loves the build a bear store to bring the magic home. 

As you can see Bodhi loved his finished build a bear and he gifted it to one of his friends at school, We then made the 2nd bear and this one he kept for himself. Would also be a great craft for your child to do with a friend over for a play date, The station is for 4+ and this is the right age mark for the kit. You can also buy add on kits that come with all you need to make more soft friends. These start at around the £7 mark the station itself can be brought from all good toy shops or from build a bear direct for £29.99 

You also fill out your build a bear birth info sheet , Its these little touches that make this an amazing toy item and I'm sure the build a bear workshop stuffing station will be on lots of children's Christmas list this year. 

Thank you spin master for sending us this for in return for our review both myself and Bodhi had a great time making the bears,