Friday, 11 November 2016

BabyZoo Momo Sleeptrainer clock *REVIEW*

Bodhi has ( touch wood ) always been a fairly good sleeper but once his eyes pop open that is it its morning he is awake its time to get up ( little bit like Anna from Disney's Frozen " the sky's awake, so I'm awake ) ME on the other hand I'm more like a sloth ! I love my sleep and i can't cope with with the 5:30 am wake up calls of " mummy can we get the playDoh out " *shudder* 

So When i was given the chance to review the BabtZoo Momo sleep trainer clock i thought it was worth a try! The clock comes in either pink or green with the cute monkey on top The basic idea of the clock is that if the monkeys eyes are opened then this means its okay to be awake BUT if monkeys eyes are still closed this means it isn't time to get up back to sleep.  The analogue and digital displays help children to learn to tell the time. The alarm function also allows it be used as a conventional alarm clock for older children if needed. you will also need x3 AAA batteries required.

On our 1st night with the clock we set the alarm for 7:30 am and wouldn't you know it ! the next morning at 7:30 am i was awoken not by Bodhi but by the sounds of jungle noises and then Bodhi telling me that the monkey was awake so he can now get up. Straight off the bat i was over the moon that it seemed to have worked and for the rest of the school week it did the job of keeping Bodhi in his bed until 7:30 am a few mornings i did hear him awake but he stayed put in his room and that's A-OKAY with me ! 

At the weekends we unset the alarm function and put the clock away to see what would happen, Whoops big mistake !! 6:15 am Saturday i was woken up by Bodhi by my side asking where his monkey was!!! So safe to say It is working for us for our needs. 

We have placed the clock on his bedroom storage unit so i have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm function at 7:30 am so it is also helping me to get up in the mornings and our mornings have become a lot less stressful now thanks to the sleep trainer BabyZoo Momo clock ! 

You can buy the clocks online via amazon The price if you just wanted a clock is a little high but for me and getting more hours sleep in the morning i would be happy to pay double this for the clock. This clock has fitted in perfectly into our household and we wouldn't be without it now. 

Thank you BabyZoo for giving us the chance to try out your product in exchange for our review.