Monday, 21 November 2016

Bellz Magnetic Game Review ~ Tested by Jess & Bodhi

Spin master have made a wonderful travel size family game, The game is simple ( or so it seems ) picking up bells with a magnet how hard could that be right ?

The answer to that ? pretty hard ! The magnet want is really strong and if you are not careful then you will end up with more bells then you need , The aim of the game is to pick one of the four colours and to only pick up these if you pick up any of the other players colours then you turn is over ! 

The game comes with play Matt / x40 different sized coloured bells and the magic magnet want. The game Matt folds shut with a zip so you can keep the bells inside making this a perfect travel game no batteries or plugs or Wifi needed! only thing i would worry about is losing the bells. 

We played this game as a family of 3 Bodhi who is nearly 5 enjoyed playing but he took a few goes to get the hang of only picking up 1 or 2 bells at a time rather then trying to get loads in one go ( reminds me of the tortoise and the hard story ) 

We also played " who can get the most bells " with out worrying about the colours this could be a good way to play with younger children. Hubby is keen to play this game on a games night with friends and turn it into a drinking game ( men don't ask me ) 

over all i found this game fun and we all enjoyed playing it and it would suit a family based play or a older group of children its aimed at children 6 and over and this is the right age if they are playing without adults. 

we are looking forward to playing this over Christmas when we have family over, It would also make a perfect gift for a family or friend you can buy it from amazon for £17 ( price may change  ) 

We have been sent this game to play an review for spin master but all views and words are that of my own. Thank you to Spin master for the game.