Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Brightlings * Play and Review * tested by Jess & Bodhi

Bodhi was so excited when his Brightling arrived via the postman, Brightlings are made by Spin master they are a interactive toy , they come in three different colours ( Pink / Teal & purple ) I do think its a shame that they are very much aimed towards girls with the colours. The dolls are soft bodies , arms & legs but the head is hard plastic her face lights up in different colours while she talks and sings, she is a little top heavy! 

She has a tone of play ideas, she says over 100 things such as ' i love you ' ' how are you feeling ' and much much more, Bodhi loves this as he little chats with her ( He has called her Ella ) She can also sing in a range of styles from pop/ rock / jazz / opera and she can even yodel & beat box !! if you press the button on her ear you can record for 15 seconds then press the button on her tummy and she will repeat it back to you.  They do require x3 AAA batteries for use  and they RRP is £29.99 but i am sure coming up to Christmas you will find them on offer and special deals. 

Ella's face lights up in different colours and her mouth moves while she talks, she is a very smart toy and i can see why some many children have a Brightlings on 2016 Christmas gift list, I do feel the body is a little light seeing at the head is so heavy and solid. Body has spent lots of time playing with Ella, they have had a sleepover, Afternoon tea and she has also come out food shopping with us. 

I feel the toy is good value for money the only thing i wish she could learn maybe? only few simple things like your child's name and a few other bits maybe? Bodhi had this to say about Ella 

" I love Ella , she is a fab toy and i know that my girlfriend Leah will love to play with her when she comes over for a play date soon " 

Thank you to spin master for giving Bodhi the chance to check out this toy in exchange for our review.