Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Making the most out of your Garden!

Our Garden has been a little un-loved over the last few months due to building work! But now the garden has pretty much been cleared we have had a new patio laid and the fences have been started.

When we moved into our house over five years ago the garden was a bit of a waste of space, a dull patio , 45 ft of grass and two huge trees. the plan was to cut down the tree at the back fence and to build a shed for hubby Chris but not just any kind of shed this was going to be a man-land heaven shed!

once the tree was cut down, it took my dad and Chris just over two weeks to build the shed , looking back on it we should have made shed a tiny bit smaller but hey it keeps the hubby happy! Chris will spend most of the summer evenings in this shed, He likes to make things from wood and has a huge pile of the stuff inside of the shed, the smaller side part houses the lawn mower and other garden type things. 

It is a lovely shed and when we had our house valued last year we was told to market it as a workshop and that it would be a plus point for a lot of viewers, We do have a garage but its in a block away from the house, so having this space even if it was just for the garden bits is a real plus point to any garden. 

We love spending at much time out in our garden as we can, with a young child its a great place to run around and play while being safe and close to home. we made Bodhi a small own space towards the back of the garden we turned a old flower bed into a wood chipping patch that was safe for him to play and dig and well just be a boy! He loves the space he has a sand pit and a fold away water table, we spent most afternoons out in the garden this summer and i am looking forward to spending more time as a family in our garden in summer 2017 

It is also wonderful to have a space to eat outside, we will soon have a new side patio to enjoy BBQ's with friends and family or just lazy weekend lunches on a rug on the grass. I feel its too easy to spend all of your time in the house , with my work i spend my time looking at my iMac screen so to have a space to work outside via my iPad would be lovely. 

The large cherry tree is staying in our garden ( for now ) i feel the garden would feel much larger without the tree and it would also be a lot less work , no leaves in the autumn and no blossom in the spring. but... Chris loves that tree and is sticking his heels in that it is staying. so we shall see on that one. 

I can't wait for my new patio to be finished along with the new fence, i love the fact that we have such lovely neighbours on both sides of our house so we have gone with 3ft fences and on one side we are putting in a jack & jill gate so the little boy next door and Bodhi can play. 

I think that Phil Spencer is a man who knows gardens , and this ideas in the above video are just what i am trying to do with our small space garden. I can't wait for spring 2017 so i can get out into the garden and get it all ready for a wonderful summer of play, relaxing and BBQ's

This post was a paid collaboration with Channel 4 all words and views are that of my own.