Tuesday, 29 November 2016

whats changed? ( School drop off nightmare )

Being a 1st time mum is hard ... like really hard ! when they are young you have no clue what it is your meant to do doing. I thought i had it pretty much cracked with Bodhi he has always had such great range of speech so could always tell me what was wrong or what he needed.

When he started full time school in September 2016 he LOVED it ! he was a big boy in school uniform staying all day, having lunch, making friends, learning he was over joyed when he learnt to write word and read them back.

This was up until maybe 3 weeks ago..... that's when he all started... 

" mummy my tummy hurts " 
" I don't like school "
" children are mean to me " 
" I want to stay with you "
" I miss you " 

This has broken me as a parent. My happy brave and out going child has become the child who is crying his eyes out once the school gate is open, the other child now know to go in ( with out parents ) take coats off and to go into class, Bodhi .... he is clinging onto me for dear life begging me to take him home. I have spoken to his teacher and she tells me that he is 100% fine once he is in class its just getting him away from me and into class, We have sat down after school and had chats and its always something different to why he doesn't want to come to school ( this morning it was that his hands were cold )

I have tried bribes , praise , and tough love. nothing is working, When we get into the main playground he is fine running around playing with friends, As soon as his class gate opens he switches and becomes a wreck and then in turn so do i , Now part of me thinks he is doing it to make me feel guilty for sending him but on the other hand he is fine once i leave him ! its just so hard!! like really hard, i used to look at the parents of the crying children and think to myself " i couldn't cope with that " and i can't ! i dread the school run each morning and all day i keep my phone on loud in case the school phone me.

I have my fingers crossed that we crack this problem asap if anyone has any hints or tips PLEASE leave a comment i am willing to try anything ( this morning i was thinking of offering to help out at his school so he knew i was in the same building ?!?! )

I miss the Bodhi in this photo taken on his 1st day only a few months ago, If i was to have taken a photo of him this morning i would cry looking at it.