Tuesday, 1 November 2016

monster selfie studio : Review For Interplay :

Use the Free App you can morph your selfie image into scary monsters, then personalise and print your photo to create cool badges, photo frames and greeting cards ( our printer is out of action ATM so we still have this fun part to try out ) 
The Monster Selfie Studio app works on PCs and Apple or Android mobile phones and tablets, Its free to download or can be used via the website if you don't want to download it on to your phone/ tablet. 
Bodhi loves to take selfies, my photo album on my phone is normally full of them so when the chance to review the monster selfie studio came up i couldn't pass on the chance, the kit arrived in time for half term and halloween. The easy of the app was great Bodhi is nearly five and he could do the steps with out my help. 
1st thing you need to do is to open the app or website on your smart device , then you'll need to pick your monster. Now this was the hardest part for Bodhi ! you can pick from six monsters Vampire / Alien / Mummy / Werewolf / Frankenstein or a yeti. 

Once you have chosen ( He went with Yeti ) could can either take a self or you can also upload a photo from your photo album 

We went with taking selfies as , Bodhi struggled a little to get his face to fit inside of the marked lines , But not to worry as you can scale and move your photo around once take to fit better within the lines. 

Once you are happy with your selfie photo click on the tick and your photo will become the monsters face ! 

Bodhi couldn't stop laughing at the photos once made into the monsters, From this point you can share via social media or you can email the photo to friends and family. This would also be the point of printing out. once printed within the box you get craft items to make foam bodies for the monsters. Once i have sorted the printer we will enjoy doing this last part of the kit, We sent halloween emails to all of our family and they all commented on how good the finished photos looks. 

The kits also come in animal theme they are £9.99 RRP hours of fun and endless play, yet again another great product from interplay. You can buy direct from the interplay website or from amazon.